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Testimonial From Lydna

Updated: Jul 15, 2022


I would like to share 2 private qigong lessons experiences with Sifu Jack.

Before I started taking up this lessons. My body already encounters many pains and hard movements. Especially both my wrists, neck, shoulders back and lower back knees and ankles. All my tendons are mainly blocked due to over working in my pass job and now I was recently diagnosed advance osteoarthritis (OA) on my lumbar 1. That is the most horrifying news, as I know the other four lower discs are there catching up to give me more griefs. OA will alleviated to more areas and spread more pains to my other parts of my body. I really didn’t want to go to any operations in near future. I want to save myself, I am still young and I still want to walk and see the world.

I have no experiences on qiqong at all. So Sifu Jack first lesson teaching foundation step Yi Jin Jing. This already led me to great improvement on my movement. Since then, I felt the tightness on my upper back has gained much relief.

The second lesson, Sifu Jack taught me a few more deep qigong moves, that brought my body to another higher level of movements which I cannot reach previously. The more I practiced each times , the better I felt the qi going through me. My tendons are relieving and stretching further. Those fingers and palms which are not able to flatten when closing, are improving. My both rheumatoid arthritis thumbs joints and wrists joints will give me difficult movements and pains when the weather starts changing. It really makes life harder when I need to use them. Again amazingly, the progress has become so much better and I told myself I must carry on and cannot give up this beautiful and health healing technique. Thanks Sifu Jack


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